Notice Board

  Meeting Notice

The Horowhenua Dressage Group AGM will be held on 17th May at PGG wrightson building, Oxford Street Levin commencing at 6.30pm with supper to follow. There will be a short general meeting at 6pm preceding the AGM to finalise any details for the ribbon day. All welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.


 If you would like to borrow a video, dvd or book contact Kirsty Clyma  our video Librarian on 06 364 6828 or 0274435947, quote the item required and the number on the left of the titles.  These can be picked up from any Horowhenua Dressage Group meeting or local tournament or an arranged place with Kirsty.  They can also be sent to you at your own cost.  All video's, CD's. DVD's and books must be returned within 4 weeks of borrowing them.





      1  Dressage in Detail Part 1 Dr Reiner Klimke

      2  Dressage in Detail Part 2 Dr Reiner Klimke

      3  Dressage in Detail Part  3 Dr Reiner Klimke

      4  The Dressage Training 1 Dr Reiner Klimke

      5  The Dressage Training 2 Dr Reiner Klimke

      6  The Dressage Training 3 Dr Reiner Klimke

      7  Successful Dressage Vol 2

      8  Successful Dressage Jennie Lorriston Clark The Challenge of Advanced movement

      9  Successful Dressage Jennie Lorriston Clark Early Handling

      10 Centred Riding – Sally Swift

      11 Dressage to Music Los Angeles 1995 World Cup

      12 Sydney Olympic Games Dressage

      13aThe Equestrian Events of the 200 Sydney Olympics

      13bThe Equestrian Events of the 200 Sydney Olympics

      14 Tape 1 The Classical Seat (a guide for the everyday rider

      14 bTape 2 The Classical Seat (a guide for the everyday rider

      15 Dancing With Your Horse How to construct Dynamic musicals

      16 Maria Gunter, trainerin,richtern reiterin

      17 The Ultimate Guide - Horses

      18 Successful Dressage Jennie Lorriston Clark –Aids, Paces & Transitions

      19 Riding in your Minds Eye – Jane Savoie

      20 The Art of Riding with Christopher Bartle on Wily Trout

      21 Lungeing & Long Reining

      22 Influencing the horses mind - Robert Miller DVM

      23 The Art of Riding tape 4 advanced dressage Baron Blixen-Finecke

      24 The Royal Horse Gala

      26 All the Queens Horses

      27 Trainingsstunde, trainingsstuden Isabell Worth & Dr Uwe Schulten-Baumer

      28 Anamour

      29 early Training with Dr Robert Miller

      30 Through the Judges Eye with Stephen Clark Vol 1 Nov & Ele

      31 Dressage Training - Nov to Adv

      32 De Grosse Dressurquadrille 1991 Scholspark Wistaden




      1 World Equestrian Games 1998

      2 Classical versus Classique

      3 Schooling a Horse - Rudolf Zeilinger

      4 Motivation of Dressage Horses - Richard hinricks

      5 From Atlana to Athens - Anky's Music

      6 Olympic Dressage - Individual Dressage 2008

      7 FEI World Cup Dressage Final 2010




            1 Real Life Dressage - Carl Hester

            2 Advanced Techniques of Riding

            3 The Principles of Riding

           4 Death by Dressage

          5 That Winning Feeling – Jane Savioie

          6 Its not Just About the Ribbons – Jane Savioie 

          7 The Man & His Training Methods – Klaus Balkenhol

          8 Tug of War Classical versus Modern Dressage Dr Gerd Heuschman

          9 Dressage from Medium to Grand Priz – Micheal Kunz 

         10 Perfect Partners – Kelly Marks 

          11 Dressage with Kyra – Kyra Kyrklund & Jytte Lemkow

          12 Ride with your Mind Clinic – Mary Wanless 

          13 Dressage – A guide for Riders & Judges – Wolfgang M. Niggli 

          14 Twisted truths of Modern Dressage – Philippe Kowl

          15 Down to Earth Dressage – Carl Hester & Bernadette Faurie