Ribbon Day Champs & Reserves 2018 

Anna Lia Dermann, Maxwelton Saturday Sensation, Champion L1 Under 17yrs and Reserve Champion Amateur L1.

Emily Shepherd, Rakanui Grace N Dazzle Reserve Champion Open L1, President Robin Friend, Chloe Wilson,Gia Champ L1; Momi Motohashi, Grandeur, Champion Amateur L1; Anna Lia Dermann, Maxwelton Saturday Sensation, Champion Under 17 yrs L1, Reserve Amateur L1

Momi Motohashi, Grandeur Champion Amateur L1 

Gill Newland, Masters Champion; Jamie Mullholland Reserve Champion Amateur L2; Dawn Runtle, Reserve Champion Open L2; Rebecca Wilson Champion Open L2; Sofia Letteri, ChampionL3; Laura Neal, Reserve Champion L3; Tamara Savage, Reserve Champion L4; Jacqui Grannetia Champion L4; Lian Mikaera Champion L5

Bria Fitzgerald, Champion U17yrs Level 2 and above and Champion Amateur L2

Bria Fitzgerald and Gill Newland 

Rebecca Wilson and Dawn Runtle

Tamara Savage, Jacqui Grannetia and Liana Mikaera 

Sofia Letteri 

Bria Fitzgerald 

Tamara Savage 

Jamie Mullholland and Robin Friend

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