Information For New Riders

Horse ID booklets are available from ESNZ for $20.  It is a good idea to purchase one of these so you can keep a record of points earned.  When you have gained 30 points in a Level above your lowest you are no longer eligible to compete in the lower grade.


As forms are now not sent out you need to go into the ESNZ website and register so you can access your official entry forms. If you are having trouble downloading these forms, email ESNZ and ask them to email you a copy which you can then save on your computer and print out for competitions.  You will need to do this each year after re-registering.   You can also look up yourself and your horse and find details of both of your histories in competition.  Dont rely on this for points gained as sometimes groups forget to send in the results of their competitions so the points on your horse profile may not be up to date.


When sending in entries to enter a show ensure your phone number is correct on the form to enable show secretaries to contact you if necessary.


To enter graded competitions the horse and rider must both have current registration with ESNZ.

Level 1 is for horses/ponies with less than 30 points in Level 2 or above

Level 2 is for     “        “          “      “     “     “      “      “  Level 3 or above and so on.


Grading points are allocated based on the % gained in each test

1 point    57-59.99%                   3 points 60 – 62.99%

5 points  63-66.99%                   7 points 67% and over


When competing you may start going around the arena when the horse in front of you has finished its test.  It is a good idea to approach the judges car and tell them your name and the horses name.  


Do not enter the arena til the judge has rung the bell or tooted their horn.  


Exceptions to this are when their is no room to go round the outside of the arena and it has been specified that riders may enter the arena.  If you are in the arena you must turn up the centre line at A to begin your test when the bell is rung.

If you are working round the arena when the bell is rung  the competitor should enter the arena at A as soon as possible. Exceeding 45 seconds before entering the arena after the bell has sounded entails a penalty of 2 points per judge or 0.5% for freestyle at the discretion of the Ground Jury. The same applies to a competitor who enters the arena at A before the starting signal has been given.


If you have a caller for your test they must stand at E or B and should call the test from the beginning as read from the test sheet.  They may not give you directions etc other than what is written in the test book for that particular test.  You cannot get a caller half way through your test. 


If you make a course error, the judge will bell you and hop out of the car.  Ride to the judges end of the arena and they will tell you where you went wrong and where to restart the test.


If you are carrying a whip, when saluting at the beginning and end of the test, ensure your whip is in your left hand with the reins.  Do not have your whip in your saluting hand.

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